About Barry Honig

Barry Honig

The head of GRQ Consultants, Inc., for the past 12 years, Barry Honig has guided investments in early-stage ventures and held board responsibilities with numerous companies. As InterCLICK, Inc.’s founder and co-chairman, Barry Honig guided an audience intelligence and targeting enterprise that created data-driven marketing strategies. Establishing the company in 2007, he spearheaded sustained growth that led to more than $125 million in yearly revenues. In 2011, InterCLICK was acquired by Yahoo at a price of $280 million.

The same year, Mr. Honig was appointed to the board of ChromaDex Corporation and guided a firm that introduced the pterostilbene-based anti-aging and blood-sugar-control dietary compound pTeroPure. He currently holds a leadership position with Pershing Gold Corporation, which focuses on Nevada gold production and is engaged in reopening the Relief Canyon Mine.

Through the Barry and Renee Honig Charitable Foundation, Mr. Honig provides sponsorship of local academic and youth boxing organizations. He also has sponsored a team of youth basketball players that earned national championship victory.


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